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Bitcoin’s Formidable Attack Vectors

Who stands to lose the most from the emergence of math-based currencies like Bitcoin? Of course, the answer is the centralized power structures – primarily governments, bankers and their partners in plunder. These are the people who choose force over … Continue reading

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The Myth of “Intrinsic Value”

Many folks make the argument that Bitcoin has no “intrinsic value”. What they fail to realize is that no thing has “intrinsic value” – not even gold. No thing has value in and of itself. Value is a verb. In … Continue reading

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Bitcoin and Why Mises’ Regression Theorem is Wrong

For a little background please read Bitcoin: A New Commodity Created To Serve Market Demand. In this post I take it a little further. In short, Mises’ Regression Theorem is wrong – I know this is heresy to the Austrian … Continue reading

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How to set up your own bitcoin trading network, protect your privacy and save exchange fees

Problem: The large, centralized bitcoin exchange services are not private (most are now requesting detailed personal information to satisfy Anti-Money Laundering regulations). It also can take time to open and fund an account and the transaction fees can add up. … Continue reading

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How and Why You Should Set Up Your Own P2P Bitcoin Currency Exchange

Problem: Centralized exchanges are vulnerable to attack and/or regulation by existing power structures. Solution: Decentralize the exchange process. Here’s how you do it: Essentially you want to cultivate your own personal network of trusted trading partners. Make a market in … Continue reading

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Bitcoin is an “opt in” community currency, here’s how you can get it at a discount

Bitcoin is a currency used by a community of individuals and businesses. It is used to facilitate the trade of goods and services. It is private, irreversible and transfers are virtually instantaneous – whether they are across the room or … Continue reading

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BITCOIN – What It Is and Why It Matters

I’ve published into a small booklet a compilation of my bitcoin posts from this site. It makes a great primer for someone who is new to bitcoin. Click here to buy with bitcoin Click here to buy on

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Bitcoin Is Backed By Me

by Bitcoin Merchant A lot of people fret over the idea that bitcoin is “not backed by anything”. Well, I’m here to tell you that it is. It is backed by my products and services. And it is also backed … Continue reading

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The Sunset of the State

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Bitcoin: The Ultimate Offshore Bank Account?

By Anthony Freeman In my previous posts (here, here, here, here and here) I’ve highlighted the many benefits of bitcoin and I recommend you review them for further understanding. In this post I will focus on what I believe gives … Continue reading

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