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The Coming Attack On Bitcoin And How To Survive It

By Anthony Freeman (This article is the third in a series on bitcoin. Read parts 1 and 2 here and here.) With bitcoin gaining mainstream attention the coming attack on its users is inevitable. In this short piece I will … Continue reading

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Further Observations on Bitcoin, Digital Currencies, Privacy and Liberty

By Anthony Freeman In my previous post The Real Problem of Digital Currencies and Privacy I proposed that there were two, readily observable weak links and one primary problem outside of digital currencies. Namely: Weak Link #1: The exchange services … Continue reading

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The Real Problem With Digital Currencies and Privacy/Liberty

The readily observable problems with digital currencies is that they have two major weak links. The first is the exchangers who convert cash to e-currency and e-currency back to cash again. “Authorities” target these exchangers and the system fails (see … Continue reading

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