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Bitcoin’s Formidable Attack Vectors

Who stands to lose the most from the emergence of math-based currencies like Bitcoin? Of course, the answer is the centralized power structures and they will not give up that power willingly. Here are some of the tools at their … Continue reading

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The Myth of “Intrinsic Value”

Many folks make the argument that Bitcoin has no “intrinsic value”. What they fail to realize is that no thing has “intrinsic value” – not even gold. No thing has value in and of itself. Value is a verb. In … Continue reading

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Bitcoin and Why Mises’ Regression Theorem is Wrong

For a little background please read Bitcoin: A New Commodity Created To Serve Market Demand. In this post I take it a little further. In short, Mises’ Regression Theorem is wrong – I know this is heresy to the Austrian … Continue reading

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How to set up your own bitcoin trading network, protect your privacy and save exchange fees

Problem: The large, centralized bitcoin exchange services are not private (most are now requesting detailed personal information to satisfy Anti-Money Laundering regulations). It also can take time to open and fund an account and the transaction fees can add up. … Continue reading

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How and Why You Should Set Up Your Own P2P Bitcoin Currency Exchange

Problem: Centralized exchanges are vulnerable to attack and/or regulation by existing power structures. Solution: Decentralize the exchange process. Here’s how you do it: Essentially you want to cultivate your own personal network of trusted trading partners. Make a market in … Continue reading

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Bitcoin is an “opt in” community currency, here’s how you can get it at a discount

Bitcoin is a currency used by a community of individuals and businesses. It is used to facilitate the trade of goods and services. It is private, irreversible and transfers are virtually instantaneous – whether they are across the room or … Continue reading

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BITCOIN – What It Is and Why It Matters

I’ve published into a small booklet a compilation of my bitcoin posts from this site. It makes a great primer for someone who is new to bitcoin. Click here to buy with bitcoin Click here to buy on

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